Hip-hop Culture Curriculum Design for Education and
Mental Health

It is plain that music has the power of producing a certain effect on the moral character of the soul, and if it has this power, it is clear that the young must be directed to music and must be educated in it.”



Our vision is to evolve the mind and academic performance of students through creativity. We wish to use our energy to channel real change in communities. We develop leaders in each community, while helping educators and parents develop their own knowledge. We are all searching for a common language to reach each other with and the use of Hip Hop music can serve that purpose. Creatrix's develops emotional intelligence and social responsibility. We achieve this by collectively working together in our communities to build individuals within a social justice lens, skill development, and agency.

Creatrix: A word derived out of ancient cultures around the world.  In Mythologies 

around the World the Creatrix was known as the Mother Creator/Goddess. These 

stories expand from Japan through the Middle East into Mayan folklore. Yet a story 

I recall reading, tells also of the Creatrix and its potential for great power. In an Egyptian 

myth, Troth passed on the Creatrix to Ra (the Sun God) and told him that with it, he could ascend to Godliness. In the story, Creatrix was the container for all Knowledge 

and Wisdom. The Word universally applied to the Creation of Energy. In Ra's case learning 

what he would need in order for Divine Gnosis. An equally balanced Word that symbolically 

has limitless potential for evolution of the Human Species. 

We believe the road to education can follow a variety of paths. The point should be to get our youth in line with their Greater Purpose. They must experience Self-Actualization and learn they control their own Destiny

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– Vibrational medicine

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