MA in Consciousness and Transformative Studies, John F Kennedy University CA
BA's in Psychology, Sociology, and African & African American Studies, UC Davis

Continued education in Music Production Technology and teaching.

Teaching experience since 2008. 

Hello, my name is Anthony Pineda. I am a family man and concerned human being for the future of our youth and education.  Growing up in Stockton, CA during my adolescence offered me a difficult environment for development. As life’s direction towards self-destruction progressed, poverty continued to stagnate me. I often found myself asking the question what was my life worth to others and why would my parents not help me? I began to write to Tupac Shakur's music and listen attentively to the messages he programmed in his music. This one act of listening broke the chains I had placed on my psyche over the years of trauma and despair. Hip-hop music saved my life.


Since 1999, my mission is to use hip-hop music, write poetry, and work with youth on variety of platforms including education. My area of graduate studies, how hip-hop music alters human consciousness and possesses the potential to evolve human systems. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Sociology, and African & African American Studies from the University of California at Davis. Since 2008, I have worked in education developing specialized curriculum for fostering emotional intelligence and motivating students for educational excellence. I am here and I know it is because hip-hop music opened my eyes to potential.

We have begun programs at the middle schools, high schools, and other organizations.We hope to provide youth with tools to deal with increasing stress levels, family turmoil, enhanced problem solving skills, and motivation for academic success. The expansion of such a program is inevitable, as the youth want more out of education. We must provide new creative ways to teach and engage our youth. This program does that and is successful. Parents have thanked us for assisting their children in developing emotional intelligence and maturity. With my unique background and area of expertise helping schools install these music programs into their class schedules will prove to be a critical step in changing the face of education. 

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