The Making a Path Through Music Program

Brian Webb is Program Administrator (PA) of the City Ballers Inc. which is a non-profit program designed to mentor and motivate at risk youth in the inner-city. Brian is a John C. Fremont High Alumni, and has an Associate degree in Athletics and Recreation; he received a Bachelor of Science in the field of Movement and Sports Science, with a minor in teaching. Mr. Webb is the Head Founder of CBI music education program. The program uses music as a tool to educate students in English, and language arts.

Brian is committed to reaching out to boys and girls of all ages in order to promote academic excellence, music education, improve self confidence and increase health awareness and in order to lower childhood obesity through organized athletic training. Brian has also pioneered into the music industry with his Management Entertainment Company, 820 Management Co. that manages a variety of artists, from various music genres. Brian’s efforts encompassed record labels, artist management, film, photography, advertising, publishing, clothing labels, and other projects.