Creatrix Institute provides a new type of learning environment for 12-18 year old students, offering a comprehensive program that exercises the full capacity of human consciousness and experience. New learning technologies show that musical development tools access both sides of students’ brains, thereby stimulating critical thinking and the inspiration to excel in academic environments. Utilizing professional music production technologies within the popular hip-hop genre, students learn to connect with their own inner voices and abilities, thus enhancing their skill at dialoging with parents, teachers, and the broader community. Our programs compliments the evolving issues of academic performance and classroom etiquette by teaching students confidence in their own potential. Our goal is to harness our understanding of today’s youth culture to the power of education and motivation.  

What we do......

Creatrix Institute emerged for working with youth in educational settings, utilizing audio
production technology and our Knowledge of Hip Hop music. Since then we have expanded 
to include all forms of Muse-ic. We believe that obtaining ones Voice is critical in seeking success in 
Life. The youth need an education, but one that moves to their own beat and one that motivates them 
towards a life they actively create. The Creative Process hosts tons of potential for emotional and 
cognitive development. How can we together build a foundation for learning out of Hip Hop music and 
Culture? Let me show you my Creatrix and how you can apply it in school, home, and communities, all
youth should be taught how to obtain Knowledge of Self.

Purpose n.: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. 
(Dictionary, Apple Version 2.1.3) 

Creatrix Institute formed out of the growing need to educate a diverse youth population. Creative expression continues to be a strong ally for educating and youth quickly engage in this process. The purpose is simply to increase the overall level of involvement of students, educators, and parents by fostering critical thinking skills, decreasing drop out rates among youth, especially at risk youth, and increase performance in school (API scores) by growing relationships between all parties. We use music as a vehicle to raise Consciousness and help others find purpose in educating themselves. *Results will always vary since every youth has a different experience in Life. These goals we have are based on significant involvement from all parties and people involved in each student's life.* 

Listening to the contextual material in Hip Hop music develops neural networks and enhances consciousness during both practice and observation. Hip-hop music can promote positive messages and can offer complexity for significant growth in the brain. This type of hip-hop motivated me to learn. It built me and built a new relationship with myself. This is exactly what we need in educational programs for youth. We use hip-hop music as a transformative tool for youth. We help rebuilt their relationships on all levels. Motivating youth in their learning environments fundamental to any learning environment.


We believe that search is over and we focus more energy on shaping education around artistic expression. We realized that our youth can teach us, if we just listen. The program we use is unique and offers more then information, but power for youth to harness. Since 1999, the global culture of complex hip-hop continues to offer knowledge to who listens. Our youth our focus and developing emotional intelligence a key goal. Motivation another key ingredient in helping youth find their own potential. 

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