Our program compliments the evolving issues of academic performance and classroom etiquette. Our goal is to transforming the classroom environment by teaching students confidence in their own potential. Both areas we should explore for understanding youth culture and how to harness that power for educating. 
Consulting is available for specific needs assessments and technology briefings. An affective program will take as little as 12 weeks up to 30 weeks, as to produce original music and to edit properly. Programs include literature, skills and leadership development, writing, and technology skills. The class will involve reading and studying emceeing as an Art and Science and philosophical thought. The foundational knowledge with active listening exercises to enhance the auditory systems and brain networks in the students. Texts are required. Fees are based on consulting time & assessment, length of program, and specific technology needs. Other requests are available and pricing may vary.  

What you get:
≈ Personalized Consulting and Technology assessment.
≈ Hip Hop based curriculum with drawn out lesson plans, along with Hip-hop based education training.
≈ Teaching modalities that are both traditional and experiential.
≈ Teacher and student relationship building practice, along with parent workshops for engagement.
≈  Integration of modern audio technology into the classroom instruction, resource for hip-hop music.
Hip-hop training is available for other fields such as mental health. The experience provides significant emotional growth and psychological development. This educational program offers a transformative approach to learning. Motivation is an outcome of the class, altering the students' perception, thus allowing each individuals creative side to flourish. The program provides a framework for viewing relationships on all levels, the main one of course the inner relationship. 

By focusing on popular youth culture students immediately feel a connection built on their own knowledge and experience. The work opens many channels for absorbing information. Music activates both sides of the brain and grows connections within the brain.
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