Solutions for Educators, Community Leaders, Hip Hop Artists, and Families

Creatrix Institute provides alternative educational programming with Curriculum designed for any teaching institution. Services range, and subjects include: Consciousness, social emotional intelligence, neuropsychology, therapeutic applications, to Hip-hop theory. We offer comprehensive Consulting on topics of education policy, programming options, and human relations. This type of programming will enhance the lives of all people from all backgrounds. 

Services Offered:

Workshops: Subjects include Hip-hop based education, Creative Writing, Poetry Analysis, Educational Programming, Recording Studio basic set up and rituals, Consciousness and Inner Healing through Music, Brain and Music, Transpersonal experiences while recording, with more in development.

Trainings for integrating Hip-hop educational curriculum into public school structure. Classroom etiquette and connecting with students during instruction. Hip-hop in Wisdom Traditions, specialized training program. Studio construction and basic audio production. 

Lectures/Discussions are available upon request. The continued efforts of my research produce more and more information and exposes a need for alternative education. Can provide professional level presentations to faculty and students. Subjects include Hip Hop's Evolutionary Qualities, Hip Hop's Transformative Power, Collective Hip Hop Consciousness, Music and Emotional Intelligence, and Behavior Modification Potential in Music, along with various titles above. 

Educational Programming is available for school institutions and community organizations. Will provide curriculum and detailed direction for instituting a new Hip Hop educational program at location. Private consultations for administration and faculty highly recommended before programming begins. Complete assessment of staff and equipment requirements will be done. This service takes a significant amount of time and institutions dedication to make such a unique class available. This consists of music album projects to be completed by students and faculty, with the help of administration of each institution. Production and equipment costs will be based on desired outcome. 

Consulting on Emotional Intelligence Enhancement Program is a specialized curriculum based on intense interviews and potential growth patterns. each case is different and will be handled by our team. Please inquire for these services.
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