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Currently working on writing a unique book about human consciousness and Hip-hop music. Music is a Universal language and fundamentally mathematic in nature. It time to redefine a culture with a look into Hip-hop from Consciousness studies. 

DUE IN 2016
FILM: A documentary in progress on Hip-hop based education and what the future holds for youth, families, educators, and education......

DUE IN 2016

Final subtitle coming soon....

Hip-Hop: A youth culture that developed in the late 70’s in the Eastern Coast of the United States. Known for its four elements or main aspects: Djing, Graffiti Art, Emceeing, B-boying and B-girling (Dance). Several other elements have evolved, such as Style, Entrepreneurship, and(Slang) Language. Over the last forty years, Hip Hop has evolved with times. Several era’s of Hip Hop are now clearly defined and the power of the music overwhelming the youth.


Unified Hip Hop Theory: A comprehensive theory about the fundamental origins of Vibrations in the Universe and how Hip Hop evolved out of oral traditions that date back to the beginning of human beings. Hip Hop has evolved into dualistic fractions, which is also represented in the Dualism society it currently struggles with. By understanding that Hip Hop has the power to affect human consciousness, we can begin to channel this Vibration towards the next evolution of the human species. Since Culture is the main factor when determining the impact of Hip Hop music, we must now shift our paradigm to include all areas of human experience to gain an advanced Knowledge of how Hip Hop can be utilized. Hip Hop has great potential to evolve human consciousness and foster critical thinking in the youth. On the other side Hip Hop also contains the power to destroy the spirit of the youth and de-evolve human consciousness, stagnating it in the Materialistic Paradigm we are all trapped in. We must Unify Hip Hop and gain the Wisdom Naturally created at the beginning of time. 

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